18 April – 14 May, 2015 4月18日 — 5月14日

“Zen” Hao Ping Solo Exhibition

Date: 18 April – 14 May, 2015

Ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Confucianism have inspired young emerging artist Hao Ping to a modern representation of ancient Chinese lifestyle, aesthetic values and spiritual freedom as well as the harmony of their co-existence with nature. In her poetic abstract oil paintings, you can find not only tranquility and poetry from Chinese Ink paintings, but also a vivid portrayal life as the artist dreams of in those bygone days.


“半城花” 郝萍个展

展期:2015年4月18日 — 5月14日

受中国古代道教和儒家哲学思想的启发,新兴艺术家郝萍的作品用现代人的审美方式表达了中国古代文人的审美价值和崇尚精神的自由生活方式以及人与自然和谐共处的生活态度。 她的油画作品抽象而富有诗意,不仅能让人感受到中国水墨画的写意和宁静,而且也能体会到艺术家所向往的古人田园生活的生动场景。