May16 – June 11, 2015 5月16日-2015年6月11日

“Gravity” *LLND Solo Exhibition

Date: May16 – June 11, 2015

LLND, French duo artists Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech have been developing multi-media and innovative concepts in creating audio and visual instruments as well as visual artworks. They build a visual world consisting of vibration, sound, objects and Light. This exhibition will showcase their latest series of “Gravity”, featuring mixed media paintings, photography of sound waves in water as well as resonating sand installation. These twirling artworks investigate the invisibles and display the captured moments of Energy. As a result, the visuals become audible and the energy is visualized.. This exhibition leads us to the weightless and timeless experience, where one can see the invisible natural energies hint at an underlying organization of the objects that surround us.


“地心引力” *LLND个展


LLND,是由法国艺术家Laurent Lettrée 和Nathalie Delpech组成的艺术家组合。他们 致力于发展多媒体和创新观念艺术创作,并将其融合于音效,视觉工具和视觉艺术作品中,用颤动、声响和光线这些元素构成一个非凡的视觉艺术世界。 这次展览将会展出他们最新的“地心引力”系列。这个系列包括了综合材质的绘画、描绘水中有声波的摄影以及带有沙声回响的装置作品。这些旋转着的作品旨在研究如何捕捉到我们所能看到却被隐藏起来的一种能量。因此,艺术家记录下了视觉,并将能量视觉化。这次展览会给我们带来一次轻松且难忘的体验,让我们能用肉眼看到那些无形的自然能量,从而去感受周围所潜在的对象。