“Scandinavian Expressions” Maud Boesen Solo Exhibition

“Scandinavian Expressions” Maud Boesen Solo Exhibition

April 16th – May 13th, 2011

Danish Artist Maud Boesen’s modern abstract paintings creat a contrast between the light and the dark as well as the warm and the cold colours. She combines specific lines and different shapes with a wide range of colours to express a certain calm and balance. Her decorative paintings convey strong feelings and emotions to the viewers.


Maud Boesen“北欧感觉”油画个展


丹麦女艺术家 Maud Boesen 的作品中充满着强烈的明与暗、冷与暖的对比。她巧妙结合了清晰的线条和形态不一的色块,