“Motherland”- Li Wei Watercolour Solo Exhibiton

“Motherland” Li Wei Watercolour Solo Exhibiton

June 18th – July 31th, 2011

Well-established Local artist Li Wei, shows his latest works of Chinese ancient villages and Tibetan.He has strived to reach the perfection of representing a vivid China as his motherland with its magnificent.

landscapes and historic heritage.


“乡音”- 李伟水彩画个展


当大家都在关注现当代的时候,水彩大师李伟用传统写实风格展现了别样的乡土生活。细腻的笔触和清澈的 色彩描绘着大自然的原始风光和乡土人情,画家用最朴实的风格表达了他对淳朴美的憧憬与向往。