“Women In China” Dayang & Mafi Espirito Santo Exhibition

“Women In China” Dayang & Mafi Espirito Santo Exhibition

Nov.17th – Dec.16th,2012

Singaporean artist Dayang van Wezel’s works use mixed medium to celebrate woman’s perspective as powerful being through the history in China, while Portuguese artist Mafi Espirito Santo’s paintings are inspired by the ordinary women’s daily life in Shanghai nowadays. This exhibition shows us the image of their understanding towards Chinese people’s day-to-day life and its culture as a whole with their local life experience.


“中国女性”Dayang 和 Mafi Espirito Santo 双人联展


新加坡艺术家 Dayang van Wezel 的作品运用综合材料展现了中国历史上女性力量的觉醒过程,而葡萄牙艺术家 Mafi Santo 的油画作品则更多的反映了当今上海女性的日常生活。此次画展这两位外国艺术家通过自己在中国的生活经历向观众展示了不同的中国女性形象极其折射出的文化内蕴。