“Style by Asia” featuring Wang Qian’ s Interview

We would like to thank Hongkong online media “Style by Asia” for sharing the interview of the latest solo exhibition “Story on Silk” from artist Wang Qian.

Please read more by copying the link here: http://www.stylebyasia.com/story-on-silk-wang-qian

我们感谢香港著名线上媒体“Style by Asia”特此与他们的读者一起分享了艺术家王茜2016年上海个展“呼吸·景致”的专访。更多详情请复制此链接:http://www.stylebyasia.com/story-on-silk-wang-qian


Chasing  Mixed Media on Silk and Mirror  100x100cm  2016
求  绢面镜子  100x100cm  2016


Mist and Rain  Mixed Media on Silk  120x120cm  2016
雾雨  绢面综合  120x120cm  2016


Red Water Lily  Mixed Media on Silk  40x40cm  2016
血荷  绢面综合  40x40cm  2016