interview with Clara Feder | 采访 Clara Feder

最近,国外媒体网站 对我们的法国艺术家 Clara Feder 进行了长达11页的专访。其中涉及了她的所有艺术创作形式:摄影、影像、装置、行为艺术。

French artist Clara Feder was recently interviewed by covering 11 pages, featuring her various art creations, including photography, video, installation and art performance.


This interview also talked about her first solo exhibition of “Light Travelers” in Shanghai as well as the exhibition of “The Wall of Temptation” in New York.

Clara Feder 在采访中还谈到了她正在进行的最新艺术创作项目“Dream Chain”系列。这个系列是关于与艺术相关的女人们如何跟随着他们的梦想去寻找一个更美好的世界。请复制此链接查看详细内容:

Clara’s latest art series of ” Dream Chain” was mentioned in the interview. It is the photography about women belonging to the art field carrying their dreams for a better world. Please copy this link to read more: