Kim Eunjin个展”Our Time”被选入That’s Shanghai本周最佳展览之一

By Erica Martin

That’s Shanghai takes a look at the best art exhibitions of the week:

Xiang Jing: Through No One’s Eyes But My Own

The first female artist to hold a large-scale solo exhibit at the Long Museum, Beijing-born artist Xiang Jing debuts this 21-year retrospective of her work. Split thematically into the series “Mirror Image” (1999-2002), “Keep in Silence,” “Naked Beyond Skin,” “Will Things Ever Get Better?” and “S,” the exhibit explores what Xiang calls the  “sensory apprehension” of art. 
Until Feb 25, Long Museum West Bund. 3398 Longteng Lu, by Ruining Lu 上海市徐汇区龙腾大道3398号,近瑞宁路

Tang Dixin

This solo show of Hangzhou-born, Shanghai-based painter Tang Dixin displays the innovation and focus on the human body in his work. Embodying both  the realistic and the abstract in his depictions of limbs, skeletons and faces that have often been rearranged and put back together, his work has both a visceral and a surreal quality.
Until Dec 31, Aike-Dellaro. Bldg 6, 2555 Longteng Da Dao, by Jichang Dong Yi Lu 龙腾大道2555号6号楼, 近机场东一路

Kim Eunjin: Our Time

This solo exhibition from Korean superrealist artist Kim Eunjin takes influence from Buddhism to explore issues about ecology and environmental pollution. Her vibrant, playful color scheme contrasts with the weighty subjects she tackles in her art. 
Until Jan 18, Noeli Gallery. Grand Floor, building 2, 165 Lane Taiyuan Lu. 太原路165弄2号底楼


This eclectic group show curated by artist Liu Weijian showcases 30 works of oil and acrylic on canvas by Ge Yan, Wu Houting, Xiao Jiang and Zhen Tianming, varying from portraits to experimental work. Head there for some insight into the vibrancy of contemporary Chinese oil painting. 
Until Feb 5, ShanghART Gallery. Bldg 16, 50 Moganshan Lu, by Changhua Lu 莫干山路50号16号楼, 近昌化路

Haipai Fashion in the 1900s

Shoubai Art hosts this exploration of the fashion on display in Haipai artwork, the unique East-meets-West visual aesthetic that first developed in Shanghai in the 20s and 30s. Public exhibition tours run daily at 11.40am and 3pm. 
Until Feb 28, Shoubai Art. 4-2, Lane 210, Taikang Lu, by Huaihai Lu 泰康路210弄4号-2, 近淮海路

Why New York

Long-time friends who first met in New York in the 1990’s, Chen Danqing, Feng Lianghong and Ma Kelu hold a retrospective collection made exclusively of their most recent works. With conceptual painting that explores the unconscious and senses of spatial texture on display, vastly different themes and forms are tackled under one roof at this exhibition. 
Until Jan 7, Shanghai Gallery of Art. 3F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Guangdong Lu 中山东一路3号3楼, 近广东路