“Chinese Elegance” Group Exhibition “知性与美” 徐志刚,王笑今,郝萍群展

“Chinese Elegance” Group Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 3 February – 15 March, 2018

To Celebrate the approaching Chinese New Year, this group exhibition presents oil paintings of traditional Chinese intellectual females from three artists – Xu Zhigang, Wang Xiaojin and Haoping, who were born in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in China.

Artist Xu Zhigang uses soft warm tones through yellowish dim light, attempting to lead the audience to a journey into the past days during the 20’s and the 30’s of last century in Shanghai. His paintings aims to arouse this city’s memory and to visualise the elegance of Shanghai ladies with delicate portraits in Qipao from various social background and status at that time. His brushstrokes mixed with modern abstract and figurative skills demonstrate true emotions and characteristics of Shanghai ladies and their city.

Artist Wang Xiaojin experiments with all the different skills to scratch the surface of tremendous civilization of China. His delicate paintings are showing the Chinese ladies from late Qing Dynasty in both realistic and more expressionistic approaches by exaggerating their traditional features. The vibrant colours as well as the elegance of those females from his works will bring you the joy and will strike a chord with the viewers.

Artist Haoping is from Confucious hometown and thus ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Confucianism  inspire this emerging artist to a modern representation of ancient Chinese lifestyle, aesthetic values and spiritual freedom as well as the harmony of their co-existence with nature. In her poetic abstract oil paintings, you can find not only tranquility and poetry from Chinese Ink paintings, but also a vivid portrayal life as the artist dreams of in those bygone days.


“知性与美” 徐志刚,王笑今,郝萍群展

展期 : 2018年2月3日– 3月15日