“Resculpting” “异·形” Wang Xuejun Solo Exhibition 王学军个展

“Resculpting” Wang Xujun Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 17 March – 12 April, 2018

Following the first photography solo exhibition, artist Wang Xuejun turns his camera on the ordinary people, who are living and working in a modern metropolitan city like Shanghai. This solo exhibition Resculpting features Wang Xuejun’s two latest series: Folded City and 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs.

Artist uses his signature style of bold, vibrant and saturated colour with the unique sense of humour, aiming to reveal the tension between living space and human as well as the relation between human and society in today’s modern world.

In Wang Xuejun’s Folded City, human’s heads are missing, the remaining bodies are distorted and re-sculpted inside a very limited space. We can see the power of tension against the space, we can also feel the struggle and the compromise at the same time. This Folded City Series demonstrates the pressure and frustration of the housing issue that we are confronted with, due to the continuously rising high prices.

In Wang Xuejun’s 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, artist combines human bodies with 12 Chinese Zodiac animals to symbolize the similarity between human and animals. Wang Xuejun considers we are “city animals’ sometimes, who are struggling, fighting, competing or comprising to find a chance to live our life in this competitive and cruel society by instinct. Wang Xuejun poses his question in this series: Will human face the same situation in the future as these 12 Zodiac animals have experienced and suffered with massive slaughter and harm to satisfy our desires and needs?


“异 · 形” 王学军个展

  展期 : 2018年3月17日– 4月12日