“Spring” Yu zijun, Wang Qifeng, Hao Ping Group Exhibition “觅春”— 虞子骏、王奇峰、郝萍群展

“Spring” — Yu Zijun, Wang Qifeng, Hao Ping Group Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 8 April – 4 May, 2017

This renowned 88-year-old artist is the second generation that received the academic education of western fine arts in China. Yu Zijun graduated from the famous Shanghai Fine Arts School, the first private fine arts school founded by great art master Liu Haisu in modern China’s history. He has devoted himself to fine arts education for most of his time in life, still keeps his passion for art.

Yu Zijun’s watercolour represents poetic vision of the spectacular landscapes of China during the old days and his imaginative abstract paintings convey a strong feeling of tranquility that is true to the oriental art.

After several journeys to Europe, artist Wangqifeng attempts to discover different understanding towards the relation between human civilisation and nature based on Chinese and European culture. His artwork shows the perspective from the artist that the Chinese brings the nature into their civilisation while the European tends to build their civilisation into the nature. Nevertheless, both cultures pay close attention to the co-existance with nature in our daily life.

Ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and Confucianism have inspired artist Hao Ping to a modern representation of ancient Chinese lifestyle, aesthetic values and spiritual freedom as well as the harmony of their co-existence with nature. In her poetic abstract oil paintings, you can find not only tranquility and poetry from Chinese Ink paintings, but also a vivid portrayal life as the artist dreams of in those bygone days.


“觅春”— 虞子骏、王奇峰、郝萍群展